We build products that transform trust and drive innovation across organisations.

We are pragmatic, real-world problem solvers that use cutting-edge technology to design solutions that make people better at their most important work.

Bridging Enterprise with the Cutting Edge

We develop commercially viable infrastructure and software products that allow enterprises of all sizes to incorporate the benefits of distributed networks, advanced cryptography and data analytics into their existing product offerings and software stacks.

Scalable and privacy-preserving blockchain infrastructure for digital assets.

Monitoring tools and easy-to-use interfaces, APIs and SDKs.

Data visualisation, analysis and actionable insights

We approach opportunities and problems together

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    Opportunity Scoping: We work with you to apply our knowledge of the fundamental principles of open, distributed networks, cryptography, and data science to help solve the challenges you face.

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    Design and Development: From protocol design to platform development, we leverage our products, expertise and infrastructure to deliver you the greatest commercial value we can.

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    Integration and Support: We work with you to understand your architecture and create an integration and support plan to suit you.

We are engineers on a mission

We are a 20+ team of engineers with experience in designing and developing distributed consensus-based networks, blockchain infrastructure, predictive and neural models, and enterprise architecture.

We are industry leaders in advanced cryptographic and distributed system applications, including mobile-based implementations of zero-knowledge proofs and token-curated crypto-economic design.